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Want to be 100% sure a check equals money in your pocket? A money order is as secure as cash and as convenient as a check. The money is pre-paid and therefore guaranteed to be there. Money orders put people at ease. Payments get accepted with no questions asked. It’s a small price to pay for big peace of mind. Why maintain a costly checking account when it’s a cinch to get money orders from The Check Cash Depot Store.
If you need a money order come to Check Cash Depot. Within minutes, we can have a money order in your hands. There are times when someone you are dealing with will not accept a personal check, and when those situations come up that is where Check Cash Depot can help. We can put a Money Order in your hands in minutes. A Money order from Check Cash Depot and MoneyGram, gives you the convenience and freedom of a check, without the need for a checking account. And as the nations largest money order processor, money orders from MoneyGram at Check Cash Depot offers you reliability.

Purchase money order:  $0.39 plus the amount of the money order. Maximum amount per money order: $1000

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