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This can be very useful if you want to control the boolean logic for a query. The OR operator links two terms, and finds a matching document if either of the terms exist in a document. As you can see in the two preceding examples, the query contains two pairs of quote-marks. The external ones are needed to meet the JQL rules and aren’t related to your search query.

Perform searches based on the unreleased versions (i.e. versions that your Jira administrator has not yet released) of a specified project. You can also search on the unreleased versions of all projects, by omitting the project parameter. Search for new issues created since the start of the first day of jql queries the current week. By default, this function considers Sunday to be the first day of the week. You can use a different day (for example, Monday) as the start of the week. Perform searches based on the released versions (i.e. versions that your Jira administrator has released) of a specified project.


Following up on our previous announcement, we’re planning to remove the possibility to manage the atlassian-addons-project-access role in two to six months. The exact date depends on the feedback we receive after this announcement. The audit log will show all tracked activities for your selected data security policy. This switch affects queries for Changes and also javers.compare(). Since Javers 6.0, the Initial Changes switch
is controlled on the Javers instance level
by JaversBuilder.withInitialChanges() and it is enabled by default. When this filter is enabled, all child Value Objects owned by selected Entities
are included in a query scope.

jql documentation

You may also select Unfollow to stop getting updates from Atlas projects. You have the ability to display your Assets data in Confluence using macros. This is an early access launch of a much-requested feature https://deveducation.com/ for Assets. When a page is created, the person who creates is now known as the owner of that page. We’ve made it possible for page owners to transfer ownership of their page to another person at any time.

JQL search in Jira Software

A collection_valued_association_field is designated
by the name of an association-field in a one-to-many or a many-to-many
relationship. The type of a collection_valued_association_field is a
collection of values of the abstract schema type of the related entity. An
embedded_class_state _field is designated by the name of an entity-state
field that corresponds to an embedded class.

jql documentation

Link type can be provided to limit the search to particular link type or types. Many link types can be specified in a single function call. It is also possible to add JQL subquery to the expression.

That is, status WAS IN (“Resolved”,”Closed”) is the same as status WAS “Resolved” OR status WAS “Closed”. The NOT operator excludes documents that contain the term after NOT. Returns issues whose clock is at a certain point relative to the goal. It’s possible for an issue to belong to both a completed Sprint(s) and an incomplete Sprint(s).

Subqueries are restricted to the WHERE and
HAVING clauses in this
release. Support for subqueries in the FROM
clause will be considered in a later release of the specification. The operators are listed below in order of decreasing precedence.

  • As an Atlassian partner we’ve done so in the past with multiple customers through JQL consultations or training sessions.
  • Header links within the table of contents are not currently selectable but will be soon.
  • An
    embedded_class_state _field is designated by the name of an entity-state
    field that corresponds to an embedded class.

It allows you to find changes (or snapshots) persisted with a given commit property. In this case, each given commit property must match with a persisted one. The Changes view (see Changes.java)
is the list of atomic differences between subsequent versions of a domain object. Shadows (see Shadow.java) offer the most natural view on data history.

jql documentation

Search for issues that have deployments to a specific environment on linked Bamboo instances. The supported environment functions are set in the Bamboo instances by the instance admin and can vary. To meet user expectations, Atlassian Marketplace offers some additional apps with JQL functions.

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